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mehr zu Schwetzinger Festspiele (Schwetzingen Festival)

Schwetzinger Festspiele (Schwetzingen Festival) | Schwetzingen

Cultural events | Fr, 29.04.2016 - Sa, 04.06.2016

Radio-classic-festival in the beautiful palace of Schwetzingen with top-class opera and concert program....

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mehr zu Schlossbeleuchtung mit Feuerwerk (Burning of the Castle with Fireworks Display)

Schlossbeleuchtung mit Feuerwerk (Burning of the Castle with Fireworks Display) | Heidelberg

Cultural events | Sa, 04.06.2016 - 22.15

Burning of the Castle with grand fireworks display at approx. 10.15 pm. Can best be enjoyed from the bank of the Neckarwiesen (Neckar Meadows) or from the Philosophenweg. A concert takes place in the ...

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mehr zu Adelindis Heimat und Kinderfest (Adelindis Village and Children's festival)

Adelindis Heimat und Kinderfest (Adelindis Village and Children´s festival) | Bad Buchau am Federsee

Festivals | Fr, 03.06.2016 - So, 05.06.2016

Held every two years, the festival remembers the popular saint Adelindis, who is revered as great benefactress of the Federsee area and lived around 900 AD. The highlight of the festival is the colour...

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mehr zu 19.

19. "Narrenbörse" (19th "Narrenbörse - Carnival Fair Trade") | Bad Dürrheim

Trade fairs and markets | Sa, 04.06.2016 - So, 05.06.2016

International trade fair for Carnival....

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mehr zu Life's Finest - Der edle Markt im Park (Noble Fair in the park)

Life´s Finest - Der edle Markt im Park (Noble Fair in the park) | Bretten

| Do, 02.06.2016 - So, 05.06.2016

Over 120 exhibitors from all over Europe present their selected productsin the Court Garden, historic stables and garden hall. The scope of products range from accessories, art to culinary delights....

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"Flohmarkt ohne Grenzen" ("Flea Market without Frontiers") | Konstanz

| Sa, 04.06.2016 - So, 05.06.2016

One of the most beautiful flea markets in Europe. Every year just before Whitsun thousands of people flock to Lake Constance to experience the legendary flair of the cross-frontier Constance/Kreuzling...

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mehr zu Wettmähen (mowing competition)

Wettmähen (mowing competition) | Irndorf

Sporting events | So, 05.06.2016

Scythe mowing competition with celebrity and amateur mowing competitions plus supporting programme....

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mehr zu Klassikwelt Bodensee (Klassikwelt Bodensee - The Classic Show for Vintage Cars & Motorbikes, Boats and Aircraft)

Klassikwelt Bodensee (Klassikwelt Bodensee - The Classic Show for Vintage Cars & Motorbikes, Boats and Aircraft) | Friedrichshafen am Bodensee

Trade fairs and markets | Fr, 03.06.2016 - So, 05.06.2016

A trade fair and spectacular event in one: Fascinating vintage transport for land, water and air show the visitors the beginnings of motorized mobility. Fans of vintage transport will find accessories...

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mehr zu 247. Pferdemarkt (247rd Horse Fair)

247. Pferdemarkt (247rd Horse Fair) | Ludwigsburg

| Fr, 03.06.2016 - Mo, 06.06.2016

With arts and crafts market, farmer's market, large fun fair, pony riding, carriage rides, prize-giving ceremonies for horses and carriages and programme of entertainment on the market square and the ...

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mehr zu MercedesCup

MercedesCup | Stuttgart

Sporting events | Sa, 04.06.2016 - So, 12.06.2016

International Weissenhof Tennis Tournament (sand court) at the tennis complex of TC Weissenhof....

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mehr zu Dampffest (Steam Festival)

Dampffest (Steam Festival) | Bad Schussenried

Customs | Sa, 11.06.2016 - So, 12.06.2016

There are piercing whistles and and plenty of smoke in the Upper Swabian museum village of Kürnbach when the old steam engines, steamrollers and various steam models are started up in the wonderful se...

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mehr zu Göppinger Maientag (Göppinger May Days festival)

Göppinger Maientag (Göppinger May Days festival) | Göppingen

Festivals | Fr, 10.06.2016 - Mo, 13.06.2016

Traditional festival since 1650 with large fun fair, procession on Sat. Large amusement park around the festival ground at the EWS-Arena....

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mehr zu RETRO CLASSICS meets Barock

RETRO CLASSICS meets Barock | Ludwigsburg

Vintage Car Events | Fr, 17.06.2016 - So, 19.06.2016

Concours d'Élégance of classic automobiles; in the surroundings of the Ludwigsburg Schloss in the Blühendes Barock Park. Varied programme, panel of experts, judging of the vintage cars by the visitors...

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mehr zu SlowUp Hochrhein

SlowUp Hochrhein | Bad Säckingen

Get Active Your Way | So, 19.06.2016 - 10

The popular festival without motor vehicles at the Rhine for all cyclists, mountain bikers and inline skaters offers music, fun and games, entertainment and food and drink – it extends beyond national...

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mehr zu Landesweiter Schlosserlebnistag (Palace Adventure Day)

Landesweiter Schlosserlebnistag (Palace Adventure Day) | Neuenbürg

Cultural events | So, 19.06.2016 - 12

A day in the palace garden with various games for the whole family....

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mehr zu Landesweiter Schlosserlebnistag (Palace Adventure Day)

Landesweiter Schlosserlebnistag (Palace Adventure Day) | Bruchsal

Cultural events | So, 19.06.2016 - 10

A varied programme is offered in and around the Bruchsal Palace and its musuems....

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mehr zu Stadtfest

Stadtfest "Schweizer Feiertag" ("Schweizer Tag" Town Festival) | Stockach

Festivals | Fr, 17.06.2016 - So, 19.06.2016

Homeland and street festival on the occasion of the withdrawal of the Swiss besiegers from Stockach in the year 1499 during the Swabian War. Fri (from 8 pm) until Mon. Merry-making in the marquee with...

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mehr zu Ritterspiele (Knights Tournament)

Ritterspiele (Knights Tournament) | Horb am Neckar

Customs | Fr, 17.06.2016 - So, 19.06.2016

Festival with jousting, medieval market and festival procession. The "Horber Vertrag" (Contract of Horb) (1498) describes the historical background for the tournament....

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mehr zu Wallfahrt zum

Wallfahrt zum "Heiligen Blut" (Pilgrimage to the "Holy Blood") | Walldürn

Customs | So, 22.05.2016 - So, 19.06.2016

The main annual pilgrimage season extends over four weeks and always starts on the Sunday after Whitsun with the Feast of the Holy Trinity. The Sundays and holy days in particular are solemnly observe...

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mehr zu Isny-Oper Festival (Opera Festival)

Isny-Oper Festival (Opera Festival) | Isny im Allgäu

Cultural events | Sa, 18.06.2016 - Fr, 24.06.2016

Small but excellent opera festival against the picturesque backdrop of the historic town wall....

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mehr zu Staufer-Spektakel mit Lagerleben (Staufer spectacle with medieval festival)

Staufer-Spektakel mit Lagerleben (Staufer spectacle with medieval festival) | Waiblingen

Customs | Fr, 24.06.2016 - So, 26.06.2016

Medieval market for the whole family on the Brühlwiese and festival of the clubs in the old quarter. The highlight is the festival procession through the historical town centre on Saturday, at 2 p.m. ...

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mehr zu Southside Festival

Southside Festival | Neuhausen ob Eck

Musical events | Fr, 24.06.2016 - So, 26.06.2016

Largest music festival in the region with international rock and pop stars and bands. Venue: aerodrome. Info: Tel. 040 / 85388888 or www.southside.de<...

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mehr zu Kinder- und Heimatfest Laupheim (Laupheim children's and homeland festival)

Kinder- und Heimatfest Laupheim (Laupheim children´s and homeland festival) | Laupheim

Festivals | Do, 23.06.2016 - Mo, 27.06.2016

Bright and colourful hustle and bustle with gorgeous processions, exciting fun fair at the Festplatz, historical camp life in the Hasengrube and the most beautiful beer garden in Upper Swabia. Process...

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"Ulmer Zelt" - Das Kulturfestival ("Ulmer Zelt" - The Cultural Festival) | Ulm/Neu-Ulm

Cultural events | Mi, 18.05.2016 - Sa, 02.07.2016

More than 70 events are held in and around the big top. Internationally known artists give concerts from the fields of rock, pop, blues and jazz as well as comedy, dance, cabaret and variety. Children...

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mehr zu Hohenloher Kultursommer - Großes Musikfest (Hohenloher Kultursommer Festival - Grand Music Festival)

Hohenloher Kultursommer - Großes Musikfest (Hohenloher Kultursommer Festival - Grand Music Festival) | Weikersheim

Musical events | Sa, 02.07.2016

On the Schloss and in the park with baroque fireworks and music as well as various pre-concerts....

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mehr zu Stuttgarter Kinder- & Jugendfestival (Stuttgart Children's & Youth Festival)

Stuttgarter Kinder- & Jugendfestival (Stuttgart Children´s & Youth Festival) | Stuttgart

Festivals | Sa, 02.07.2016 - So, 03.07.2016

With lots of sport, fun, games and creativity, the organizers show the kids that there are leisure, sports and cultural activities which are an alternative to TV, computer and the Internet. Admission ...

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mehr zu Steiff Sommer (Steiff summer)

Steiff Sommer (Steiff summer) | Giengen an der Brenz

Festivals | Fr, 01.07.2016 - So, 03.07.2016

Festival of Steiff teddy bears. With diverse attractions on the Steiff company premises and the Walter-Schmid-Halle as well as a dealers exchange and mobile exhibition in the "Schranne". The "World of...

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mehr zu Schwyzertag (Festival of the Swiss)

Schwyzertag (Festival of the Swiss) | Waldshut-Tiengen

Customs | Fr, 01.07.2016 - Mo, 04.07.2016

In the municipal district of Tiengen. Homeland festival remembering the happy end of the siege by the Swiss in 1415 with folklore evening (Sat) and festival procession (Sun, 4 p.m.)....

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mehr zu Peter-und-Paul-Fest (Peter and Paul festival)

Peter-und-Paul-Fest (Peter and Paul festival) | Bretten

Festivals | Fr, 01.07.2016 - Mo, 04.07.2016

The oldest popular festival in southwest Germany, over four days. Start Fri. from 6 pm. Highlights: tattoo, fireworks display, historical procession on Sunday....

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mehr zu 1050. Talmarkt (1050rd Valley Fair) - Popular Festival

1050. Talmarkt (1050rd Valley Fair) - Popular Festival | Bad Wimpfen

Festivals | Mi, 29.06.2016 - Di, 05.07.2016

Biggest popular festival in the lowlands with a large farmer's market and supporting programme, every day from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m....

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