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mehr zu Historisches Kinder- und Heimatfest (Historical children's and homeland festival)

Historisches Kinder- und Heimatfest (Historical children´s and homeland festival) | Leutkirch im Allgäu

Festivals | Sa, 14.07.2018 - Di, 17.07.2018

Reveille on Tuesday at 6 am by the marching band and trumpeters, grand festival procession of the Leutkirch schools at 10 am with historical groups, floats and bands. Festival in the town centre and o...

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mehr zu Opernfestspiele Heidenheim -

Opernfestspiele Heidenheim - "Turandot" (Heidenheim Opera Festival) | Heidenheim an der Brenz

Cultural events | Do, 19.07.2018 - Fr, 20.07.2018

At the "Rittersaal" open-air theatre of Hellenstein Castle - high above the town....

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mehr zu Freiburger Museumsnacht (Museum Night)

Freiburger Museumsnacht (Museum Night) | Freiburg im Breisgau

Cultural events | Sa, 21.07.2018 - 18

Late night program in municipal museums of Freiburg wih exhibition, guidet tours, concerts and other events. Special activities even for children. The museums are open from 7 pm - 1 am. Further inform...

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mehr zu Ludwigsburger Schlossfestspiele (Ludwigsburg Schloss Festival)

Ludwigsburger Schlossfestspiele (Ludwigsburg Schloss Festival) | Ludwigsburg

Cultural events | Do, 03.05.2018 - Sa, 21.07.2018

International Baden-Württemberg festival in the forum in the palace gardens, palace and Schloss Monrepos. Concerts, musical theatre, drama, dance, performance....

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mehr zu Jazzopen Stuttgart

Jazzopen Stuttgart | Stuttgart

Musical events | Do, 12.07.2018 - So, 22.07.2018

The renowned festival with first-class artists attract an enthusiastic audience to the state capital every year. In cooperation with the Stuttgart jazz clubs, the "Stuttgart Jazz Week" takes place sim...

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mehr zu  Indisches Filmfestival (Indian film festival)

Indisches Filmfestival (Indian film festival) | Stuttgart

Cultural events | Mi, 18.07.2018 - So, 22.07.2018

Around 90% of the films shown in German cinemas are made in Hollywood. However, India has the biggest movie industry in the world, producing approx. 900 films a year, twice as many as the American dre...

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mehr zu

"neigschmeckt" - Schwäbischer Markt ("neigschmeckt" - Swabian market) | Reutlingen

Culinary events | So, 22.07.2018 - 11

Large regional market in Baden-Württemberg. The complete spectrum of pleasure can be experienced with products from the region during a stroll beneath the chestnut trees of the Planie and in the Stadt...

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mehr zu Honberg Sommer (Honberg Summer)

Honberg Sommer (Honberg Summer) | Tuttlingen

Cultural events | Fr, 06.07.2018 - So, 22.07.2018

Concerts and performances with artists from Germany, Europe and the USA at the marquee festival on the Honberg with beautiful ruins....

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mehr zu

"Das Fest" | Karlsruhe

Festivals | Fr, 20.07.2018 - So, 22.07.2018

Three day party at the Günther-Klotz-Anlage. One of the biggest open-air events in Germany with live music, comedy, DJs, children's play park, sports park and food....

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mehr zu Kinder- und Heimatfest (Children and Homeland Festival)

Kinder- und Heimatfest (Children and Homeland Festival) | Wangen im Allgäu

Festivals | Do, 19.07.2018 - So, 22.07.2018

Entertainment programme in the marquee, old town festival, children's festival, sporting events for the youth, culinary delights and pageant....

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mehr zu Schützenfest (fair with shooting competition)

Schützenfest (fair with shooting competition) | Biberach an der Riß

Festivals | Fr, 13.07.2018 - So, 22.07.2018

Historical children's and homeland festival in the old town with historical festival processions. Highlights are the historical procession with horse carriages and riding horses, the "Dance through ce...

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mehr zu Uhldinger Hafenfest (Uhldingen Harbour Festival)

Uhldinger Hafenfest (Uhldingen Harbour Festival) | Uhldingen-Mühlhofen

Festivals | Sa, 21.07.2018 - So, 22.07.2018

Festival in the town district Unterhulingen. Highlights on Saturday are the "scrap regatta" with fancy self-made boats at 4 pm and a fireworks display at 10.15 pm....

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mehr zu Wildberger Schäferlauf (Wildberg Shepherds' Race)

Wildberger Schäferlauf (Wildberg Shepherds´ Race) | Wildberg

Customs | Fr, 20.07.2018 - Mo, 23.07.2018

A local festival with a centuries-old tradition. The town is turned into the capital city of the shepherds for four days. A colourful programme offers much more than the traditional shepherds' race. T...

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mehr zu Ulmer Schwörmontag mit

Ulmer Schwörmontag mit "Nabada" (Ulm Oath Monday mit "Nabada") | Ulm/Neu-Ulm

Customs | Mo, 23.07.2018

The red-letter day for all the people of Ulm, the day of the city constitution of 1397. In the morning, 11 a.m., traditional Oath Ceremony in front of the Schwörhaus (Oath House) at the Weinhof with t...

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mehr zu Summerfestival

Summerfestival | Baden-Baden

Musical events | So, 08.07.2018 - Di, 24.07.2018

A highlight of the festival season presents concerts and opera with orchestras and soloists with a worldwide reputation....

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mehr zu Rutenfest (Cane Festival)

Rutenfest (Cane Festival) | Ravensburg

Festivals | Fr, 20.07.2018 - Di, 24.07.2018

Children and homeland festival in the town centre and on the Kuppelnau festival ground with historical procession on Sunday with more than 5.000 participants, 90 bandwagons drawn by horses....

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mehr zu Opernfestspiele Heidenheim -

Opernfestspiele Heidenheim - "Turandot" (Heidenheim Opera Festival) | Heidenheim an der Brenz

Cultural events | Fr, 29.06.2018 - Fr, 27.07.2018

At the "Rittersaal" open-air theatre of Hellenstein Castle - high above the town....

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mehr zu Festival auf Schloss Kapfenburg (Festival at Schloss Kapfenburg)

Festival auf Schloss Kapfenburg (Festival at Schloss Kapfenburg) | Lauchheim

Cultural events | Fr, 20.07.2018 - So, 29.07.2018

Festival stage with the historical backdrop of Schloss Kapfenburg. Various events with international greats from the music and art scene....

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mehr zu Summerfestival at the castle Filseck

Summerfestival at the castle Filseck | Uhingen

Musical events | Sa, 21.07.2018 - So, 29.07.2018

Open-air-concerts with old and new music....

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mehr zu eurocheval

eurocheval | Offenburg

Trade fairs and markets | Do, 26.07.2018 - So, 29.07.2018

Rendezvous for horse lovers from all over the world. Exhibitors present an extensive offer covering all aspects of breeding, sport and keeping. At the exhibition centre....

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mehr zu Heidelberger Schlossfestspiele (Heidelberg Castle Festival)

Heidelberger Schlossfestspiele (Heidelberg Castle Festival) | Heidelberg

Cultural events | Fr, 08.06.2018 - So, 29.07.2018

The annual Schloss Festival takes place in the world-famous Heidelberg Castle ruins. The unique Renaissance buildings, the dreamy nooks and corners, as well as the extensive gardens and parks provide ...

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mehr zu Rossini in Wildbad - Belcanto Opera Festival

Rossini in Wildbad - Belcanto Opera Festival | Bad Wildbad

Musical events | Do, 12.07.2018 - So, 29.07.2018

Summer festival with Rossini operas and concerts....

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mehr zu Schwarzwälder Holzfällermeisterschaften (Black Forest Woodcutting Championships)

Schwarzwälder Holzfällermeisterschaften (Black Forest Woodcutting Championships) | Schuttertal

Sporting events | Sa, 28.07.2018 - Mo, 30.07.2018

At the Eichberg with different disciplines as well as qualification for the EUROJACK European Championships final of the wood cutters - a competition of the hardest among the wood cutters with partici...

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mehr zu Spielmannstage

Spielmannstage "Winneweh" ("Winneweh" Minstrel Festival) | Walldürn

Customs | So, 29.07.2018 - Mo, 30.07.2018 - 10

Minstrel groups from all over Germany and Europe play old folk music on historical musical instruments. In the Odenwald Open-Air Museum in Gottersdorf....

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mehr zu Schauinsland-Klassik

Schauinsland-Klassik | Freiburg im Breisgau

Vintage Car Events | Fr, 03.08.2018 - Sa, 04.08.2018

Historic rally of vintage cars in the picturesque and impressive setting of the Black Forest....

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mehr zu Alpirsbacher Kreuzgangkonzerte (Alpirsbach Monastery concerts)

Alpirsbacher Kreuzgangkonzerte (Alpirsbach Monastery concerts) | Alpirsbach

Musical events | Sa, 23.06.2018 - Sa, 04.08.2018

For years now, the monastery concerts have presented a wide musical spectrum ranging from chamber music to oratorios and choral music in the unique acoustics of the interior of the Romanesque church. ...

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mehr zu Mini-Rock-Festival

Mini-Rock-Festival | Horb am Neckar

Musical events | Do, 02.08.2018 - Sa, 04.08.2018


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mehr zu Theaterfestival (Theatre Festival)

Theaterfestival (Theatre Festival) | Isny im Allgäu

Cultural events | Fr, 27.07.2018 - Sa, 04.08.2018

Burkwanger Lake will be in a buzz for nine days. Around 5,000 visitors pour into the circus tent of the Isny theatre festival every year to enjoy music, theatre, cabaret and an extensive workshop prog...

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mehr zu Internationales Zelt-Musik-Festival (ZMF) (International Marquee Music Festival (ZMF))

Internationales Zelt-Musik-Festival (ZMF) (International Marquee Music Festival (ZMF)) | Freiburg im Breisgau

Musical events | Mi, 18.07.2018 - So, 05.08.2018

International stars and artists from the region present more than 100 programmes in marquees with rock, pop, jazz and classical music, at the Mundenhofgelände....

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mehr zu Germanenfest (Germanic Festival)

Germanenfest (Germanic Festival) | Zell im Wiesental

Festivals | Fr, 03.08.2018 - So, 05.08.2018

Historic folklore festival with procession and Germanic contests to watch and take part in. Germanic feast, old handicrafts, children's competitions, dancing. "Dance around the camp-fire draped in ski...

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